What sort of data can a TechPro recover? From music to photos, files and more, we’ll attempt to save any and all data.

Can a ProTech recover password-protected files? Yes, but you’ll have to tell us the password. We’ll forget it after we get the data back. We promise.

What do you need to recover my data? We’ll need your physical computer or device. Just bring it to the lab and we’ll start digging.

Data recovery is tricky business, like open heart surgery. Prices may vary based on your individual needs and the state of your data and device.

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Data Recovery. If your hard drive goes kaput, don’t invent new swear words. Call AliiLocal! Our experts will attempt to recover lost files from your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or just about any data storing device. We know your data is important to you, so we'll keep you updated throughout the recovery process.